I’ve had an idea this week, which i’m quite excited about but i’m pretty sure i won’t actually do anything about.
I want to run a small (weekly/monthly) night, folk club style, where baroque music is played. It might be called Classical Club!, or something. It might be in a rock type venue with a bar (the Red Rattler?) or a BYO style warehouse (Lamps?). The important thing is that it’s the opposite to a normal classical gig:
– the musicians are on the floor, or close to it… not on a high beautifully lit stage
– the audience can eat and drink and walk around while the music is on, although they’d be encouraged not to
– the music that comes on when the instruments finish is from now
– it’s acoustic, it’s chamber repertoire, maybe small opera
– the musicians wear normal clothes
– there’s a support act. amateurs, or students. but the main act is professional
– its not expensive. less than $20 at the door, i think. and there are no guarantees
– there’s no seniors discount. this is about next century, not last century