The nanny state

In my country where i come from, you don’t get paid to give blood, and you don’t have to pay for a blood transfusion.
The police get you in trouble if you’re not wearing a seatbelt, but the doctors fix you up when you have a crash.
You’re not allowed to smoke in pubs, but chemotherapy is free.

I think there’s a balance there. But I think the balance would work better if insurance companies (ie people trying to make a few dollars in between the problem and the cure) would get out of the way.

coffee accounting

La Pavoni_morning coffeeUsually (for the last fifteen years or so) Cathy and I get our coffee from Bruno and Maria : Maloberti’s North Queensland Gold Coffee.  I get three kilos of freshly roasted beans in a postpack for about $90.  It lasts about three months, by which time the beans aren’t all that fresh any more but it’s good value and i’m never quick enough to order a new batch when the old ones are running out so it’s better to have more.

which brings me to this week’s maths.

We ran out of coffee.  In the supermarket i chose a 200g pack of fair trade African beans for $10.  I thought that would last the few days until Maria roasted and posted some new ones.

It lasted exactly four mornings.  8 cups.  25g per cup.  $1.25 each coffee (plus the soy milk, of which i have hardly any)

Maloberti’s coffee is $91 for three kilos, delivered.  So it turns out that grinding and pulling my own coffee every morning costs about 80c per espresso macchiato.  Another day i’ll work out how much Cathy’s cup of purple bonsoy costs.