I believe the only thing that has stopped Douglas Hofstadter from being embraced by geek culture as deeply as Alan Turing or Kurt Gödel is that his name is hard to pronounce, hard to spell, and hard to make an adjective out of. I think the xkcd-following community is well qualified to work on the adjective problem.

the alt-text of comic 608 uses the word “Hofstadterially”. Hofstadtesque is an obvious candidate, although it’s even harder to spell and the adverb would be Hofstadtesquely which is just crazy. Hofstadterish is simplest. Hofstadterisch is kind of cute, but this will be the first time Google has ever come across that word…

ps i think Kurzweil has suffered for the same reason. he deserves something better than Kurzwellian – i would love to be a genius, but a Kurzwellian genius would be too scary.
Godel, Escher, Bach

I think this was the number of google hits for these two words in 2011, but I’m not sure any more
hofstadterial 133
Hofstadteresque 52

In 2023 it’s
hofstadterial 391
Hofstadteresque 18