he talks about lots more in the article, these were just my favourite things:

but first, a song:

‘Cause I’d walk to the moon, I’d lick a spittoon,
I’d wear wooly underwear in a sauna,
Just to show her how much I want to be her lovable lunatic.

Yes she’s a brainy girl, that is good.
She’s smarter than me but then so is wood,
[Jim White – Heaven of My Heart]

Luaka Bop sort of, quote unquote, discovered me. I was sort of a mentally ill cab driver in New York City writing songs about life in the South. No one was interested.

It’s like ‘break even’ is two miles long and ‘make money’ is a 30 yard sprint that they finally get to if they run the two miles at a good pace. If you’re an established artist, you can make money, but only if you’re crafty. If you go out with just you and a guitar, you can make money. But if you go out with a five piece, I don’t think you’re going to make much money.