ah yes, the illusion of freedom.

I’m free because i can do all the things the coca cola company has told me i want to be able to do.
I’m free because i can do whatever i want, whenever i want, except if someone tells me not to.
I’m free because i have learnt to accept my boundaries.
I’m free because the walls are so high i don’t even know there is an outside.

I consider it a privilege to work my whole life away for someone else.
I think i’m lucky because i desire things today which i didn’t even know existed yesterday.
I don’t know who i am, but i do know what i want.

I’m free because we’ve locked up everyone who could threaten my freedom.
I’m free because i’m tall and white and rich and literate and noone can stand in my way.

i’m being unfair actually.  freedom has nothing to do with your environment, freedom is a state of mind.  even the poorest most repressed americans, people with no car no house no healthcare and a terrible job, believe they are free.  and that is what makes them free.

you can’t grant freedom, you can only take it away.