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my friend rick went to a church last week. It was that one in Darlinghurst, one of those famous churches where people go who are marginalised or dis-illusioned by other churches. One of those churches of whom the mainstream says “it’s a dead end street though, the last place people go before they leave the church [ie god] altogether.” rick liked it a lot. we had a bit of talking about it, and thought that if the problem is that people are walking up these dead end streets and never returning to the highway, maybe someone should go to the dead end and build a couple of laneways out of it. So instead of the church being like those short, dead-end, one-way superhighways they have in Albania, we can travel a more organic network of roads, roads which lead both in and out of the city, roads where we might actually meet other travellers and help each other decide which way to go, instead of rushing along the One True Autobahn until we discover we’ve got ourselves into a turning lane and it’s a lonely dead end.

Andrew Lorien Feb 01
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