Things I've written down from books I've read:

What I've Read Lately:

Art and meaning, by Jeanette Winterson and Barney Wakeford

Words from Martin Luther, reformer and good guy, from a book called Here I Stand - A life of Martin Luther

Paustovsky, Streams Where Trout Play

Douglas Coupland Life After God

Greg Egan Permutation City

William Gibson All Tomorrow's Parties

Milan Kundera The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Carlos Fuentes (from an interview)

Wassily Kandinsky (from a little biography by Pierre Volboudt)

Alexander Solzhenitsen The Gulag Archepelago

Patrick Suskind Perfume

Leo Tolstoy War and Peace

Tom Robbins Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Virginia Woolf - How to Read a Book and Janet Frame on language

Virginia Woolf - No bitterness

Jeanette Winterson and Carlos Fuentes - Time

Beckett on pain, Ionesco on happiness

Interesting words from Alice in Wonderland and The Lord of the Rings.

Umberto Eco on Casablanca

And another interesting contrast between Blake's Tyger and Hughes' Jaguar.

Back in the day i had links to my favorite book-related places, Homespun (where you could enter lists of your favorite, not so favorite, or whatever books, and read everyone elses) and firefly (which is for CDs and videos, and sunk when Amazon adopted a very similar model but with eCommerce attached).
I'm sorry they're gone. But I love libraryThing.

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