When I turned 42 (that was only last month but i bet i won't update this page for more than a year), i had a "Life, the Universe, and Everything" party - with as many ingredients as possible from all the versions of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and everything else Douglas Adams ever did or said.
A few years ago I went canoeing with six of my friends and the Jane River. One morning i woke up on a pebbly river bank and watched the sun rise...
More photos and info here

experiments in Procedural Art
meditations on the stories of our lord
Hey look at me!
I think i've joined the Web 2.0 revolution.

I've installed MusicMagic to be my DJ and suggest me songs,
I've joined last.fm to remember what i've played and keep up with my old music:

I've been logging my books in LibraryThing
and i've claimed Lever Machine World Domination Plot member #141

On this actual website here, you can read my mum's memoirs (the empty pages are chapter headings which she never wrote anything for),
or maybe one of the older pages about her.
and i've registered a myspace site for FreeForAll but it's disappeared. i don't believe in mySpace any more.

but until i get around to putting something new in this space,
my favourite and by far most popular page is still the people in my neighbourhood

the centre
A book i helped pull together...

the new dark ages