Leah Francis : Finding the Way contents


I believe I have many, many merry years yet to live. Aged seventy, I have begun to rest a little, reflect on my good life. Such a good life that I want to write about it.

Not about being blind, but about living fully. Blindness has affected me too much to be dismissed, and people are eager to know about it. This memoir is about being blind.

Lucy Ching, a chinese writer who is blind, described herself as "one of the lucky ones". I too have met good fortune. I have lived through years when attitudes and opportunities were lacking for people who are blind, or indeed, who had any obvious disability. Yet there have always been people to encourage me, and opportunities to grasp.

I never contemplate the road not taken because my journey has been abundant in good experiences and exciting challenges. It has given me strength to survive setbacks, sorrows and mistakes.

I have been dissatisfied, depressed, frustrated but finally I have found ways to deal with even those deep, disruptive feelings. The way to survive adversity is to accept it and find ways to deal with its difficulties.