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Movies in Bris. What happened at the end of Waterloo Bridge? Lost at Hunter College? Why do they let you out alone?"

Lost in Hunter College.


Attempt to steal bag morning in Los Angeles. 1959 tour of Old Jerusalem with help of American. Walking with Arab holding my cane. Arabs. Dead Sea. Getting to New Jerusalem. Coat sent to Aman. Rue de la Paix (and flour).

Belgium late at night. Taken passport away.

Go to Lido with Isobel Grant. Sleeping in her wardrobe drawer. Speaking at Rotary of Nashville.

Laura Dudley: Father Beverley Nestel: Everyone would talk if I went to Synagogue.

always interested in Jewish people and culture, because Auntie sometimes said I must be a Jew. Continue to feel this affinity and have this interest.

Lost 60 dollars in Pittsberg. Rotarians gave me that much.

Laura Dudley: father shot because seen walking behind a white girl.

London: Grimey. Paris: it's a tree. Lakes try for swim. Tel Aviv. swim.

Frankfurt Prevented from leaving station.

Tour with Friendly Relations to Foreign Students. No turkey with Quakers at Thanksgiving. Got notes mixed in us. Miff and Don. Janice and Donald.

Cable car in Zurich. Over what? Off in a garden of prickley, sweet-smelling roses.

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