Leah Francis : Finding the Way contents

Trials of a Teenager

School dance, clothes-conscious family. Aunt who sewed. allowed to touch, discussed patterns and what others wore.

Map of first neighbourhood lived in, including people, dogs, trees, sounds, bus-stop, house and garden.

List more than ten relationships in life and tie in world or other events and relate to world happenings or from, world or other event.

The mind is greater than the senses. It perceives, and acts on its perceptions. Senses can be confused by misinterpretation.

As a small child, well-dressed and fussed-over. Knew this but incidents made me feel ugly and ashamed.

Granddad: "You should always wear a big hat to hide your face, and you should live with another woman who will be your friend and make sure you are well-dressed and clean.

School dance: Miss Henson suggested I should get glasses for the school dance. These added to my lack of confidence and increased my shame for what I was and how I looked.

I felt unattractive, undesirable, and this in spite of aunt and most of the family reassuring me about my looks, and how, in any case, they didn't matter to my friends, and anyone who grew to know me.

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