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the year 2000 was a terrible year for most of my friends. death, divorce, deportation, eviction piled upon each other until we were afraid to answer the phone. by the end of the year so much had been broken that it was hard to know what to do with it all. so i invited my friends to a burial...

and on the evening of the first day,
there was a mourning

Hello there.
you are invited to a mourning.
On monday 01/01/01

it's been a long year, and a difficult one.  i feel that i have to bury some things before i can get carried away into a new year, and that will go a lot better with a few friends to help.  some of you share some of my losses.  some have private losses of your own.  next year might be better, but i've got to let this year go first.

bring a symbol of something or someone you've lost this year -

or some words on a card. Bring a few, if you've lost a few things.

we'll tell stories; you can bury your dead at the end of the night.

let me know if you can come.
antipasto @ 7:30
burial @ 9:30

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