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Friends i have lost

I know about all those friend-finder websites,
where you say what school you went to and hope that people will write to you.

But i also know that just about everyone googles themselves sometimes, and i like the idea that when you're looking for yourself you might find me.

So here is a short list of people I haven't seen for a very long time, who i think of often enough to want to see them again.
in the order they occur to me right now

Gary Izzard (i know i could just walk into terry's shop in umina and ask him, but where's the serendipity? **Aug07 - found him!
Donna Pierce (i bet there are thousands of donna pierces, but only one lived with me and Jorgen and Brad - it's too long since you called)
Tom Broadhurst-Hill if we started hanging out again you'd be my oldest friend in the world
Tim Cheeseman there was that one time, i'm sorry it wasn't longer

that will do for the moment. it's the twentieth of november 2005. lets see how long this takes...

Here are some artists i am friends of...
--> and a map of all my friends

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