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five months from now, i'm giving up my day job. it's been a very slow decision, so i've had a lot of thoughts. i'll try to collect them here, mostly just so i can remember later on.

Sometimes i think about calling myself 'retired' or saying i'm becoming a full-time artist. but honestly, i still spend a lot of hours building websites, fixing computers: even if it's for free it's like work. chris was thinking about how long a person can really go without working, before the human need to create, to control, to change the environment, takes over. and i read this thing which encouraged me not to take up art as an occupation:
>>> don't give up your day job at the art council

I think i will go to the launch of this book. it's not really the same, but there might be some insights:
>>> Fat, Forty, and Fired book

Even less the same (and i don't want to appropriate virginia's situation, because i certainly have no excuse for bitterness), is this quote from A Room Of One's Own about how liberating it is to have a small space and a small income.
>>> virginia woolf. no bitterness.

How To Use Your Long Service Leave
I've been a public servant for more than ten years! That means i get three months off on full pay!! Or six months off on half pay!!! Or...
You can't just use one day of long service leave. you have to take at least a fortnight at a time. on my shift roster (7on-3off-7on-4off) it is most efficient to take two full shifts at a time, which uses about .3 of a month's leave. since i have 3 months, that's ten times i can take two shifts off. and i still get my annual leave credits, four more weeks. so my new roster is 7on-25off-7on-24off. the days off are half pay with no penalties, but it still pays the mortgage and it's easy to live simply when you are at your leisure. i recommend it.

so how about that.

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