an experience that will change
the way you think about art

a thing we used to do at
the cafechurch space
37 - 47 st johns rd, glebe
sydney australia

Free For All has been replaced by jazz concerts : program at Colbourne Ave
if you want more free for all, start your own.

free for all has to be experienced
it is live improvised performance for
musicians, poets, dancers, wordsmiths and visual artists,

performers names are pulled randomly out of the chalice of love
the new ensemble is then given a few minutes to perform a piece

Free for allers have said...

"to me its a triumph of honesty over craft and performance over skill"

"tonite the wrong notes are the right notes"

"the chalice never lies"

"we accept every honest offering"

"randomness, good bits, surprises and shocks, surrealist truth or dare - pianos are humped, guitars are bumped, horns are thumped - not what you expect"

"choose any instrument that is there, singers can dance, pianists can drum"

"before i came to free for all i could play notes, now i play music."

"there will be no door charge and no-one will be payed with money, in fact any money found on the premises will be used to spread the love"


Please feel free to start your own free for all,
do it anywhere you want, call it anything you want,
and please about it.

read an interview ... start your own ... FFA FAQ